Responsibilities of a Locksmith!
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There are quite a few things a locksmith should be able to do. Their responsibilities include the following:

1. Help enter the house – in case someone has left their keys somewhere or misplaced them, locksmiths can help them open the lock. They can disassemble locks like door locks, padlocks, and safe locks.

2. Help open the car – many times, people come out of their cars and accidentally leave the keys inside. Locksmiths can help them open their cars.

3. Create locks – in a business environment, locksmiths can help create locks for drawers, cabinets, and cupboards that are needed in the office. They can also install other security systems.

4. Carefully design locks and keys – the needs of the customers are different. Therefore, a locksmith is responsible in carefully designing the locks and keys according to the needs of every customer.

5. Repair lock or key problem – a lot of times, customers may encounter some issues with the lock or keys designed for them. Locksmiths can repair these problems.

6. Design keys for existing locks – they are not only responsible for designing keys for new locks, but also for existing locks. For example, the old keys may be misplaced or lost, so locksmiths can design keys for them. With the new keys, the old pin tumblers must be taken out of the locks and new tumblers must be installed. Aside from tumblers, they can also replace worn springs and other parts.

7. Identify an original from a duplicate – a locksmith must be able to distinguish an original key from a duplicate key.

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